Price: 35€

+5€~10€ complicated designs

Price: 20€

Waist Shot

Price: 50€

+5€~10€ complicated designs

Preview follows

Price: 30€


Preview follows

Price: 70€

+5€~10€ complicated designs

Preview follows

Price: 40€

Full-Body with background

Preview follows

Price: 90€

+5€~10€ complicated designs

Everything (except of full-body with background) comes with very simple or white/transparent background

How to Order

Please send me as much information as possible about your order. For example, should I draw you, please send me a URL with a picture.
If it is a specific character, I need a simple sketch or an existing picture.



  1. Once you asked me, I'll accept or decline your commission.
  2. After a ~week I'll show you the sketch of the commission.
  3. Once we made all the changes and you're happy with the sketch, I'll send you my paypal E-Mail address.
  4. I'll continue working on your commission as soon as I get the payment.

You want to order?

Then contact me!
Discord [Mashiro Jin#0001]